You’ve probably heard about personal injury lawsuits. They happen every day, after all, and some of them make big headlines. But while we all hear about personal injury lawsuits, we often forget to check in to find out exactly what the specifics are or what happens later. We read a headline and move on. So, what is a personal injury lawsuit anyway?

Personal injury suits are, as the name suggests, about someone getting injured. However, where and how that happened can be very broad. It can be anything from a car accident to an accident at work. There can be issues with faulty products that fall into this category as well as medical malpractice. Basically, if someone gets injured (or killed) and it’s the fault of someone or something else, there’s potentially a personal injury lawsuit to be filed.

So, why do people file these suits? There are plenty of reasons to file, as many in fact as there are types of personal injury cases, but a few major motivations related to potential financial compensation can be set down pretty quickly. A personal injury lawsuit can address these major concerns:

Compensation for your medical bills

This one is significant. If a person was injured and it wasn’t their fault, it stands to reason the guilty party should cover the medical expenses. Sometimes, the money is not forthcoming from the guilty party, however, and lawyers need to step in.

Lost wages

If someone gets injured at work, and it is the employer’s or workplace’s fault, again, they shouldn’t be left to find a way to make up for the lost income. In fact, often, making up that income is impossible while they are recovering. A personal injury suit is required when a business refuses to accommodate this need.

Physical therapy

Like medical bills, the long road to recovery should be covered by those who are guilty of the accident in the first place.

Long-term care

For those who are incapable of fully recovering (or who require an extended period to do so), long-term care is needed, which should be covered by those who brought this upon the individual.

Damage to your motor vehicle, car, truck or motorcycle or other personal property

When it comes to property, the damage may be extensive, depending on the type of accident a lawsuit covers. A vehicle or home could be ruined, and it would be all because of someone else’s actions. When such people refuse to compensate for this, something must be done.

Altered quality of life

Now, we enter those areas of compensation which are harder to categorize. How do you put a price tag on losing the ability to use your hand, for instance? It’s the job of lawyers and courts to set an amount that seems fair on all sides.

Pain and suffering

Along the lines of the previous point, how do you quantify suffering when an accident could have devastated people? This requires experts to step in and settle on an amount.

As you can see, personal injury cases cover a vast amount of topics and address a number of major concerns for those who have been injured. They are a crucial part of our legal system.

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