Airplane Accidents: Common Causes and Other Safety Concerns

It is generally understood that commercial airplanes are considered one of the safest ways to travel. As pointed out by the industry report compiled by the Aviation Safety Network or ASN, air travel has only seen 3.2 accidents for every million departures. With over 2.9 billion airplane passengers tallied for the year 2012, it’s obvious that the number of airplane accidents is disproportionately low compared to accidents that occur during other methods of traveling.

While trends show that traveling via commercial airplanes is considerably safe, passengers still cannot discount the fact that accidents may continue to occur. Even airplane accidents are very rare, there’s no way to completely eliminate some of the risks involved in air travel. This is especially true when we consider the common safety concerns that arise when it comes to traveling by airplane. Accidents in the airway are commonly caused by factors that are much harder to control, foresee, or predict. An example of these factors is inclement weather, which is one of the most typical issues met by pilots while operating airplanes. Pilots can only do so much to ensure that the vehicles they are operating is safe from any disturbances in the atmosphere.

There are also occasions when airplane accidents are caused by instances of human error or negligence and many personal injury attorneys in Chicago have seen the consequences of such mistakes. The following are some of the other possible scenarios that lead to airplane crashes:

  • Mechanical failure
  • Pilot error
  • Pilot intoxication
  • Airline negligence
  • Air traffic control error

All in all, we can conclude that airplane accidents are quite easy to prevent. Judging by the infrequent rate that such accidents occur, there are many ways that airlines can ensure the safety of their passengers. Failure to properly screen their pilots and maintain their fleet can leave passengers vulnerable to unwanted and tragic incidents. When this happens, airlines should hold responsibility for their mistakes and contribute to helping victims bounce back from the trauma they experienced.

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