In this age of civil discourse and upon the rise of modern civil rights groups, it has become apparent to us that not all police killings are sanctioned or appropriate. It can be hard to know exactly what to do following the death of a loved on in this kind of matter, even if you have the evidence to suggest that your loved one was innocent of whatever crime it was suggested they had committed prior to their death. The family of a 15-year-old accused of stealing a vehicle after he was killed by police is facing this harsh reality, as documented by

According to the estate of the boy, the death occurred in August two years ago, and the family has yet to be notified which officers contributed and view video footage of the incident. Community leaders and officials have since been urging the city police to adopt body cameras so this information cannot be sealed away. A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed with the city at this time to seek both compensatory and punitive damages following this event. Unfortunately, due to the lack of body cameras as discussed, the testimony of one witness is paramount to this case. The man alleges that the boy was non-aggressive in his actions and the police haphazardly fired, later saying he was using the apparently stolen car as a weapon against the officers. With the arrival of this case and another death in the more recent months, calls for body cams have reached a fervent pitch. The police responded: it’s not a priority.

In cases such as these, which are on the rise according to prominent figures in movements like Black Lives Matter, it’s important to seek the help of an attorney. The question becomes, how do you afford this and against whom do you press charges. In this case, specifically, the specific officers are unknown. The attorney representing the family of the young boy is seeking damages that include attorney fees, and many other personal injury attorneys will not ask for payment from their clients unless a case is won; if this is your only hurdle, do not hesitate to seek contact an attorney for help. When it comes to pressing charges, the attorney will levy a complaint or lawsuit against the state, which includes the police department. If the name(s) of involved officers are known, then a specific case can be made against them.

Don’t let a personal lack of funds stand in the way of seeking compensation for the death of a loved one. If you have experienced the wrongful death of a family member, an attorney will be able to help you. In the case that your loved one was killed by a police officer or other member of the state, this is no less true. Wrongful deaths should not ever go unpunished, and you should feel confident in seeking legal help when facing such an event.

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