What You Can’t Keep in a Storage Unit

You probably use your storage unit for your luggage, your holiday decorations, or that large decorative armoire that has been in your family for generations. Storage units are where you can change out the aesthetic and furniture of your home like the seasons. You may think that you can put anything in them. However, there are some things that you cannot keep in a storage unit. Sometimes the reasons are simple as preventing invading bugs or safety, but sometimes people try to store illegal items in their storage unit.

  • This may seem obvious, but it definitely needs to be stated. This includes any kind of animal dead or alive. Storage units were never meant to house any living thing and storing an animal is illegal. Likewise storing dead animals for storage until it can be taken to a taxidermist will attract pests.
  • This kind of goes along with the animals. Without access to light or regular water, a plant in a storage unit will most likely die. The decaying organic material will also become a potential host for mold and pests.
  • Anything that attracts pests. Beyond food and already mentioned taxidermy, there are some interesting objects that attract pests most people don’t know of. Bird seed, jugs of water, candles, non-sealed foam, and oddly enough corkboard. Insects love the smell of cork and will burrow into these.
  • Drugs are never allowed at storage units. The reason is that they carry many legal implications that businesses don’t want to get involved with. Sometimes this extends to prescription drugs as well depending on the storage unit.
  • Flammable Materials. Storage units are dense compounds, if one caught fire, it would spread to the surrounding units before the safety sprinkler systems kicked in. Any kind of fireworks, fertilizer, propane tanks, or gasoline are prohibited to mitigate the risks of fire.
  • Despite what some movies may lead you to think, people cannot actually live in a storage unit. This extends to housing other people or using one’s storage unit as a renters space. It is also illegal to store any recently deceased bodies even if they are a loved one.

While there are many things you can keep in storage, there are limitations. When it comes to homes, apartments, and storage units, it’s all about how you use your space. Typically the rule of thumb to keep in mind is: If you couldn’t keep something safely in your house you won’t be able to store it safely in a storage unit. If you are questioning whether or not you can store a particular object in your unit, the best thing to do is ask the company if it’s alright. This way ensures that you won’t be breaking some obscure rule that unit has or endangering the compound as a whole.

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